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The Institute visualizes a holistics development of personality packed with commitment, determination and value. The Institute shall endeavour to emerge as a ? Centre of excellence? to guide the younger generation to becomes as asset to the nation and the world .



This lab containing different Psycholigical tests with manual answer key and question booklet

S.No Account Head
1 Teaching Aptitude Test
2 General Class Room Acliievement Test
3 Teacher Attitude Inventory
4 Passi Test of Creativity
5 Mental Fatigue Test
6 Verbal Intelligence Test
7 Non-Verbal Intelligence Test
8 Performance Test
9 Education Intrest Record
10 carrier preference record(vacational interest)
11 mirror drawing sample
12 Mmaze learning of shape
13 Card shorting
14 Memory rum
15 Dexterity Board Appratus
16 Steadiness tester Appratus
17 Long Term Memory
18 Span of immediate memory
19 Dimensional Pe7rsonality Inventory
20 Mosail Test of personality
21 Problem solving Ability Test
22 Concept Attament Test
23 Pavlove
24 Laboratory Manual(9)
25 Colour preference Appratus
26 Stamp Pad App.
27 Person Prception Test
28 Social Motive Scale
29 General Reaching Competency Scale
30 Indoor Teaching Assessment Scale
31 Training of Feed Back Doner
32 Teachers Role Commitment Scale
33 Time Management Scale


The Computer labs are equipped with very high speed servers and work stations powered by the latest Pentium-IV series. A good number of computers have been provided to faculty, library, administration and accounts sections. Complete power back up is provided with Guard online UPS and individual UPS for every personal computer. Peripherals include : Inkjet Printers, HP Scanners and CD Writers, etc

1 Monitor
2 Keyboard
3 Mouse
4 C.P.U
5 U.P.S
6 Printer
7 Speaker
8 Blank CD
9 Floppy


1 L.C.D Projecter
2 Over head projecter
3 T.V
4 C.D Palyer
5 V.C.R
6 Tape Recorder
7 Video Camera
8 Camera
9 Mike
10 C.D
11 Speaker
12 Mike Stand
13 Computer
14 Refrigerator
15 Pen Drive 1 gb

Art & Craft Lab

2 Tabla
3 Dhol
4 Tafli
5 Basuri
6 Mouth argan
7 Casino
8 Jhangar


In this age of information, the library services must be the heart of any institution. The Library (Learning and Resource Centre) plays a vital role in providing & nurturing knowledge and aiding in learning activities. The Primary purpose of the library is to support teaching, research, academic programmes.

The institution has an extensive collection of over B.Ed./Add. 3155 books, D.Ed. 2008 books and almost every aspect of education, reference books, general books, related to personality development, Books of for competitive examinations etc. a large number of magazines, newspapers, periodicals and journals necessary to help the students keep abreast with the developments are available. The institution provides free books to all the students. The Library system is computerized and it has open Book Self system.

1. No. of Books B.Ed./Add.
2. No. of Books D.Ed.
3. Reference and Periodical section
4. No. of Journals
5. No. of Books issued to the student at a time
6. Duration for which books are issued to the students
7. No. of books issued to the Teacher
8. Duration for which books are issued to the teacher